Chef Experience

Tasting menu for the whole table consisting of 15 courses

"Tradition and innovation": the keywords of the Chef's philosophy.
An experience that explores the interactions between Heaven, Earth and Sea. 
A look at nature, the rediscovery of the territory and traditions to offer you a 360º sensory journey.
Let your senses guide you, let yourself be attracted by passion and new ideas. Live an unforgettable experience. Experience the Peter Brunel ristorante gourmet.


Bread "Modern Bakery" Normandy butter, Garda oil and hemp, peppers, parsley and salt

At the table ... oyster and apple, black leaf, purple cabbage, almond & almonds

Ma.Yu.Pe.Tr & Ca. Re, crab, potato, rocoto and tarragon

Gazpacho with beef heart, red shrimp and mozzarella

"Centenary ceviche"

Beef with lime, guacamole and aji Amarillo

Asparagus, barley coffee and caviar

Egg & Egg

Rice, apple, horseradish and red fruits

Simply foie-gras

Cod & mango

Pigeon, gold, Vino Santo and morels

“Thinking about a cheese”

Rice and chicken curry… can't see the chicken ?!

The lady of the mountain

Caffè experience

150 € 

Pairing of 1 cocktail and a course of 5 glasses of wine proposed by our Maître | 90 € 

Pairing 6 great wines | 160 €