Discover our tasting menus

The tasting menu reflects the chef’s drive to:
“Osa l’inosabile”  - G. D’Annunzio
“Dare the undareable”
Where does Chef Peter Brunel draw his inspiration from? Ingredients. He believes that food design begins with science, study and research.

He believes that chefs must start by learning every secret of each ingredient – and only then can they start to create the new.

At his restaurant Peter Brunel offers both à la carte menus and tasting menus. The dishes present his philosophy of respect for

and experimentation with ingredients; the gourmet food he creates exhibit his years of learning and travel.


At lunchtime guests have the opportunity to do a fast culinary experience. With a menu of three courses and aimed to exalt two or three ingredients,

the dishes are quickly crafted – but without compromising quality.