The restaurant

Intimate spaces, minimal style, D'Annunzio's details


The restaurant was designed to heighten the way guests feel welcome. Chef Peter Brunel and his team of architects created an environment that reflects his home.  The restaurant is bright, hospitable and created as an open space without walls and doors, but a series of niches and nooks that create spaces for intimacy.

Each space is dedicated to a phase of the gastronomic experience: a room for apertifs, another for coffee and dessert and a main dining area for the meal. The effect gives a sense of familiarity, informality and warmth. The minimalistic appearance enables the accents of interest and color – manifested in the chef’s personal objects artistically placed around the restaurant – to exclusively capture guests’ attention. All details have been carefully selected to craft a look that reflects the chef and his interests. As Brunel is inspired by Italian poet Gabriele D’Annuzio’s concept of pleasure, he borrowed elements of D’Annuzio’s house, Il Vittoriale, to integrate into the atmosphere. These notes can be seen in the diamond pattern of the open kitchen, the velvet seats and marble shelves.


The “Gourmet” and “Dehors” rooms have garden views and are interspersed with small sitting rooms where guests can sip apertifs, coffee or brandy after dinner, as the turntable plays just the right tunes.


It is possible to reserve the entire restaurant or one of the rooms (for a maximum of twenty guests, for the tasting menu) for private events.