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Pastry Chef Loretta Fanella’s Selections for Peter Brunel

Peter Brunel welcomes Fanella’s creative genius 

The Pastry Chef is esteemed for her unique, refined desserts. Mixing simple ingredients with haute patisserie styling, Fanella creates art. Her innovative approach to every-day foods gives them new forms and complexity.
As a teenager Fanella was enthusiastic about art and fashion; passions which drove her to explore culinary craft at the Fuggi Hospitality School. A successful career followed her years of education, beginning at Antica Pesa in Rome with Chef Fabio Tacchella and then at Carlo Cracco's "Cracco Peek" in Milan. In 2003, at just 23, she landed an apprenticeship in Spain that paved her way to international fame. At three-starred restaurant El Bulli she had the incredible opportunity to learn from Chefs and brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià. When she returned to Italy she was well-prepared to manage the three-star pastry shop Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence; while there she unveiled the skills she honed on the Iberian Peninsula. As a result she was awarded the "Best Italian Pastry Award" in 2007. Fanella continues to be one of the few females so highly recognized and ranked in the field. During her time in Florence she taught numerous workshops and courses at some of the most prestigious Italian and European cooking schools and collaborated with Chef Peter Brunel at Borgo San Jacopo restaurant. Their reciprocal regard for each other’s work has brought them to collaborate in Brunel’s newest project in Trentino.
Exhibiting the same qualities Brunel pursues in his work, her combinations are daring, surprising – and successful.