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Four hands Pastry: Peter Brunel and Maria Novella Salani

At the gourmet pastry laboratory of the Peter Brunel ristorante gourmet is Maria Novella Salani, recently awarded pastry chef of the year by Le Guide de l'Espresso.

Refined cuisine meets gourmet haute patisserie: space for colour, delicacy and intuitiveness.

Born in 1994, originally from Florence, Maria Novella Salani graduated from ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine in Colorno and then began her career with chef Lucca Cantarin in the Marisa pastry shop in Arsego. In 2018, she worked alongside chef Brunel and under the advice of pastry chef Loretta Fanella at the restaurant Borgo San Jacopo. In 2019 she arrives at the Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet restaurant. In the kitchen, chef Brunel's philosophy is an "all-round experience": a journey that starts with hospitality, passes through savory cuisine and ends in dessert.

The sweet proposal is signed by Maria Novella Salani, together with the chef patron of the restaurant.

«Plays of memories and not only gustatory suggestions, but above all cultural, as is the hallmark of the restaurant» La Repubblica